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Established in September 2021 by Chinese Americans, WACAP’s mission is to support Chinese Americans seeking public positions and serving in the State of Washington.  


As a non-partisan, independent political action committee (PAC), WACAP’s goal is to aggregate financial resources and direct them in the support of Chinese Americans who are actively seeking public positions. We look for candidates who can serve the general public at large while representing the voices and interests of Chinese Americans. WACAP also may advocate for ballot initiatives, legislation, political and civic engagement to educate, train and mentor the next generation of Chinese Americans.

We together can make a difference!

Our Mission

Our Mission 

To support Chinese Americans to run for public positions and serve in the State of Washington.

Key Principles

  • Supporting Chinese Americans

  • Letting donors and candidates knowing our process up front

  • Making sure we are not “bought” or “controlled” by certain donors

Key Areas of Focus

  • Identifying and training next generations of Chinese Americans to be political, business and community leaders

  • Promoting holistic education strategy assisting Chinese Americans to excel in USA and globally.

  • Educating and supporting at cross-cultural issues facing other groups for the mutual benefits.

  • Engaging and promoting political engagement among Chinese Americans.

  • Supporting and promoting political candidates that represent Chinese American's interests at various levels of government in the USA.

We Need Your Support Today!

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